Evidence-Based Leadership

Mentoring – A Review of the Science and the State of the Art

“Behind every successful person, there is one elementary truth: somewhere, somehow, someone cared about their growth and development. This person was their mentor.” Dr. Beverley Kaye, Up is Not the Only Way, 2004 Mentoring is a relationship between a senior person and a junior person that enhances the junior person’s personal learning on the job […]

Are Ethical Dilemmas a Source of Stress?

      Allmon and Grant (1990) conducted a study of reactions to violations of ethical codes of conduct from 47 “million dollar plus” real estate agents working in a major southeastern city. Their creative approach employed voice analysis in which the respondents were tape recorded and then their responses to questions about ethics violations […]

The Attitude of Gratitude — At Work

  Can being grateful affect your well-being? What about at work? Does being grateful relate to how satisfied you are with your supervisor, coworkers and the work you do? Fredrickson (2003) introduced  the “broaden-and-build” theory and demonstrated the utility of positive emotions for long-term psychological and physical well-being.  Theory and research in this area demonstrates positive […]

3 Ways to Enhance Personal Learning with Reverse Mentoring

What is Reverse Mentoring? Reverse mentoring is a recent trend that is aimed at enhancing personal learning for both mentors and proteges. Unlike traditional mentoring relationships in which the mentor is a senior, more experienced member of the organization, in reverse mentoring, the mentor is a  junior person who serves as a mentor to the senior […]

4 Information Sources for Evidence-Based Leadership & Management (ELM)

The term “evidence-based” was originally employed in the field of Medicine to guide how Doctors make decisions regarding patient care. Evidence-based management improves a leader’s decisions by disciplined application of the most relevant and current scientific evidence. Although many definitions of evidence-based management are available, Briner, Denyer and Rousseau (2009) define it as how leaders […]

LDRLB Top Professors On Twitter 2013

LDRLB  (Leader Lab) hosts a podcast that shares insights from research on leadership, innovation, and strategy. LDRLB features content and interviews with some of the brightest minds in the field of leadership, innovation, strategy, talent management and organizational behavior. They draw much of their content from the research and writings of the world’s top professors. Most are […]

Are you in the In-Group or the Out-Group with your Boss?

If you are in the out-group, you know it. Your boss spends more time with others in your work team. They get more challenging assignments and more resources. You may have seen them get higher pay raises and promotions. Your boss just seems to like them more. How and why did this happen? Research over […]

Podcast #1 – Michael Johnson interviews Terri Scandura about mentoring relationships and leadership

In this Podcast, Michael Johnson interviews Terri Scandura regarding her body of research on mentoring at work. She discusses the relationship between mentoring and leadership, the effects of gender on mentoring relationships, and how dysfunctional mentoring relationships occur. She finishes by giving recommendations to both mentors and mentees on how to start and maintain a […]

Professor to manager & back:

How I spent my summer vacation(s) I have been a Professor of Management for over 20 years and have conducted research on leadership and mentorship. I research the development of high quality working relationships which are essential for maximizing organizational effectiveness. I have taught undergraduate, MBA and PhD students at the University of Kentucky and […]

Advanced Results!

I offer practical advice for leaders and managers based upon over 25 years of experience studying work relationships. My areas of expertise are current and relevant – leadership, mentorship and teams. I provide training programs and speak on leading through change, coaching for high performance and building effective teams.

New Book: Available July 2015

My book, “Essentials of Organizational Behavior: An Evidence-Based Approach” (to be published by SAGE) will focus on what you need to know to be an effective leader and how you can develop your leadership skills. Each chapter will include a self-assessment or application where you will learn how to become a more effective leader. Topics will […]

University Of Miami Faculty

Terri A. Scandura is currently a Professor of Management in the School of Business Administration at the University of Miami. From 2007 to 2012, she served as Dean of the Graduate School of the University. Her fields of interest include leadership, mentorship, and applied research methods. She has been a visiting scholar in Japan, Australia, […]

Management Training

You don’t have to spend hours reading scientific research on leadership and management. I read them and then then select only the most current and relevant information that is grounded in sound research methodologies. I then distill it down to “what you need to know” to be an effective leader. Take the guesswork out of […]