What are some of the organizations you have worked with?

I have conducted employee surveys for the American Society of Women’s Certified Public Accountants, Miami Children’s Hospital, Island Outpost Hotels and Baptist Health Systems. I have presented Executive Development programs for organizations such as Mercedes Benz, Burger King, VISA International, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Hewlett-Packard.


Do I have to pay for your assessments?

Some assessments are available for free if they are used for research purposes (studies of leadership and organizational behavior, thesis and dissertation research).


Are you available for training programs? Speaking engagements?

Yes. The topics I speak on are: Leading through Change, Building High Performance Teams, High Performance Leadership and Negotiation.


How much do you charge?

This varies depending upon the type and length of the program. Contact me for details. Terri@terriscandura.com.


When will your book be available?

My book on leadership and organizational behavior published by Sage Publications will be available in January 2015.


How is your book different than other books on management?

I offer an integrated approach to organizational behavior with a focus on the skills needed today from effective leadership. My approach is based on more than 25 years of research on effective leadership and serving as an administrative leader (Dean) at the University of Miami. I will distill volumes of research down to what you need to know to be effective based on research. Leadership assessment tools will be included in the book.

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Terri Scandura

Terri Scandura

“I’ve been in Management training and education for more than 20 years and my passion is bringing the valuable info I’ve amassed directly to you, my readers. My job is bring the cutting edge management education, training and online interaction information together in one easily accessible place. I’d love to hear about your experiences and what you’d like to see. Let's work together to improve the effectiveness of your organization by motivation through leadership!"
Terri Scandura
Terri Scandura