Exceptional knowledge that empowers company leaders to make intelligent decisions


Due to her many years of experience conducting research in management, Dr. Scandura has been able to provide clients with exceptional knowledge that empowers company leaders to make intelligent decisions. Her ability to integrate relevant evidence based tools and techniques into the work environment affords clients exposure to data driven solutions. Dr. Scandura is extremely insightful, thorough and able to comprehensively build and deliver practical client solutions. Her depth of knowledge and analytical skills allow her to present companies with a unique viewpoint on how they look at employee management.

Carolina Quijano
Agents Of Change

A dominant authority on LMX leadership consulting


It was my privilege to serve as Dr. Scandura's doctor chair. She cut her research teeth on Leadership-Motivating Excellence (LMX)
research during its formative years. Consequentially, she is a dominant authority on LMX leadership consulting. She has earned my
highest recommendation.

George Graen, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist - LMX-Team Leadership

Focused & Realistic


I’ve known Terri for about ten years. Professionally she is focused and realistic. Her emotional I.Q. and business acumen are both ‘off the chart.’ Smart companies around the world are beginning to take notice of her forward thinking research on leadership styles, workplace relationships, and organizational effectiveness. Terri’s vast knowledge on management and solid research techniques can quickly support the needs of global and domestic companies alike. If you need help with leadership or management get to her quickly before the word really gets out.

Jeanne Cadwallader
Independent Consultant

Terri Is Great!


After working with Terri Scandura, I can say without reservation that she is one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated professionals I've ever met. In any industry or position.
If you're looking for a way to move your management training to the highest level, I would recommend Terri to anyone. The whole experience was, start to finish, the best I could hope for.
Thanks Terri.

A True Professional


When I hear someone say the word professional, the first person to come to mind is always Terri Scandura. My experience working with Terri has been exemplary.
Other terms that come to mind are knowledgeable, dynamic, resourceful and professional, the exact qualities I was looking for in a management training provider. Highly recommended!

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